Mission & Vision

My mission is to provide a holistic, culturally competent, and integrated health model and a space that promotes your individual growth, healing, and recovery. We all face challenges, and whether you are facing episodic stressors, dealing with daily anxieties, struggling with relationships, or simply looking for self-exploration, we are not designed to navigate this life alone. I am here to support your journey. My goal is to promote awareness that brain health is not to be stigmatized. I aim to help normalize mental health and encourage behavioral changes resulting in overall wellness.

Why Resiliency

Resilience has traditionally been viewed as an inherent trait; now, it is believed that resilience is an outcome or a process. Resilience can be a positive psychological outcome of the experience of stress or trauma. If it is a process or a result, we can all develop resilience. Through the willingness of self-exploration and exercising the ability to adapt and grow when faced with adversity, we recover from the difficulties.